We built our first escape room in 2014. Now we help to build escape rooms for our Clients: we write scenarios, interlacing them with uncommon puzzles, we design and manufacture automation, electronics and props.

Each time the development of a scenario for the Client is the preparation of a full story, which immerses players into the world of a fascinating plot and genuine emotions.

Puzzles are developed in parallel with the writing of the scenario, so each of them is related to the plot, and its solution does not look like an absurd set of actions.

When ordering automation from us, the Client receives the synergy of our 10-year experience in the development of electronics and an excellent knowledge of the players' attachments, which allows creating not only effective but also effective mechanisms.

Our props are created manually. It is stylish, pleasant to use and maximally vandal-resistant, it does not have to be repaired after every weekend.

From Idea to Profit you need just one step...